Investment Advisers

Managing wealth is a refined skill that can only be mastered with years of training and practice. Naturally, then, it's best left to the experts. At 29k, we understand your goals, plan to reach them, and find the right investment vehicles to make them a reality.

United Arab Emirates

Financial Analysis & Consultancy

Goals are meant to be achieved. But what's the best way to do this? Ask us, and we'll do the analysis, build a robust financial plan, and set you on your way towards realising your dreams.

United Kingdom

Asset Management

The UK property market is one of the most sought after, owing to its high-yield potential and minimal risk. We will help you invest in the right property, and in effect, set up a perennial source of rental income!

Who We Are

29k is a premium investment advisory firm. Our beliefs are rooted in the power of the extraordinary, which is what we endeavour to create for your investments. Leading this effort is our strongest asset — our people.

With years of practice in mastering the art of investing, our professionals ensure your wealth is intelligently invested, sustainably built, and effectively managed. Each of these aspects is meticulously mapped and implemented with the same planning and care needed to scale the 29,029 ft-high Mount Everest. It is this thought that forms the basis for our brand name and our very identity.